Tan Through Bikini by Blankkini Swimwear
Taning Through Bikini by Blankkini Swimwear

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What Makes Us Special?

Tan Through

Blankkini has redefined the rule! No more moving or taking off your straps, tying wired knots, or pulling your bottoms up to get minimal tan lines. Blankkini lets you choose your own coverage while still obtaining an effortless healthy glow all around.

Ease & comfort

Our fabric is like nothing ever seen before; form fitting, breathable, dry fit, and 20% more elasticity for a comfy lay in the sun, or playing sports in the sand. Our fabric dries three times faster, is a lot lighter, and is super durable in the sun, salt, and chlorine.

Trendy & Chic

Blankkini is where high fashion meets Smart Fiber technology with our array of trendy and chic summer prints available in a wide range of styles leaving you with the perfect tan while looking fabulous.


Developed for 3 years by industry’s leading designers, The blankkini fabric is made to introduce Smart Fiber Technology to high-end fashion.